Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bangkok Diary: Part I

Since we arrived on a Sunday, we decided to go and check the famous and the biggest weekend market in Thailand - Chatuchak (Jatujak) Market. :) This place is definitely worth your time if you're planning on going to Bangkok anytime. I've read that it consists of over 5,000 stalls, and yes you will get tired of going around the area because its almost endless. What's in there? Oh a lot!!! From artsy fartsy hand-made stuffs like paintings, sculptures, jars, etc., clothes, home decors, food, pets, shoes, furnitures and a whole lot more! here i took some snaps from our little market trip.

And some photos i took via Instagram :)

Outfit shots will be on the next post! :)



  1. Ohh! Your so lucky! I'd like to see Bangkok!
    Your blog is amazing, I'm following you now ;)

    1. Hi Defty! Definitely enjoyed Bangkok a lot, i bet you'll enjoy it too if you go there!:)
      Thanks so much for following! xx