Monday, June 4, 2012

Silver Year

Inner Top: ZARA/ Denim-Sheer Polo: from Bazaar/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Accessories: HappyBoon/ Watch: Parfois/ 
Leopard Wedge: Forever 21/ Bag: HappyBoon)

 Wore this on none other than but my birthday.
Its definitely a laid back outfit, no fancy dress or whatever (well except for the heels that did its job to make the whole look edgy), just perfect for a very much relaxed day out with Neil. Majority of my family weren't available that day though, so i just decided to simply went out, have a great food, mini photo shoot, wintermelon milktea and a little walk around BGC. Wow, typing that made it sound a little boring especially when I am talking about how i celebrated my 25th year in this world. ^__^ 
Well, its not actually bad at all. I'm this wholesome and shallow you know, (i refuse to use the word killjoy) Haha.

Anyway, more from that day;
Morning until after lunch, i had a window campaign installation, so technically yes, i did a little work then i just filed it half-day. Off to BGC, we ate at Grams Diner and i ordered all day breakfast meal at 3 pm. Until i saw a counter card on the table that says "for simply being born, YOU EAT FREE". How sweet.. you get a free meal once you've presented an ID with your birthday in it. And how i wish i saw it before they cooked the food i officially ordered. I got fish and fries though! After lunch just outside the resto, we took my outfit shots. And what could be more wonderful than spending late afternoon sipping my favorite cup of cold wintermelon milk tea (as if i don't get it on a regular day:)). 
Fast forward, we just walked around the area, took more pictures, then before heading home i just bought box of pizza and all other food for that mini party at home (were 5:)). 
And i ended the day eating Neil's Mango Bravo cake for me. :)

And my heart goes to the Lord. For the 25 wonderful years, I am truly blessed.
Through those mix of good and bad experiences, i learned a lot and now i am so ready to face the next years of my life. #positivity

"From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise you." - Psalm 71:6

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