Monday, June 25, 2012

Headphones fused with fashion from East Village Love

Hi there! Hope you are all doing very well! :) 
One question before i go further with my blog post for today:
Do you love MUSIC?
I'm sure a normal person does!!! Some of us can't even stand without our favorite songs plugged into our ears, especially nowadays, when technology is super major!

Second question is:
Do you love FASHION?
Let me answer that, YES I DO!!!
Need i say more? :) 

You may wonder why I am suddenly asking you these questions. Its because recently i just found out about this really cool idea for those people who love both music and fashion. 

Have you heard about this new headphones fused with fashion from East Village Love?
If not, don't worry im telling you now. :)

It all started in New York city where East Village Love was inspired with music, fashion, art, and cultures that brought them to design this new amazing headphones.  For a person who's in love with both music and fashion, this is the right product for you! Wearing this while listening to the tune of your playlist would definitely make you look cool and stylish at the same time. 

Learn more about it at Kickstarter and know how you can help them raise funds to make this idea come to life. They were actually using Sony headphones as substitute to accommodate their idea and the pledges will allow them to produce their very own East Village Love headphones. Good thing is you can pledge as low as 1$ or up to how much you like and take note pledging a minimum of 25$ will earn you a free earbuds like the one below.

Share it with you friends! :)

Till the next!

Now playing........ Stutter by Maroon 5. :)

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