Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fresh and Pale

Inner Top: FOREVER 21Jacket (my sister's): FOREVER 21/ Lace Shorts: from Bazaar/ Shoes: Jcubeonlineboutique/ Necklace and Studded CuffHappyBoon)

Hello! How's everybody been doing? :)
Sorry for the blog lag, I've been on a 5 days vacay in Bangkok and it was so much fun! - i didn't want it to end :(
Will post some snap shots from my trip hopefully soon, if laziness won't hit me.

On to my outfit: These were shot before i left, wearing light/nude colors feels really refreshing don't you think? I just added black details like my leather cuff and my favorite platforms for a little pop of color. Credits to my sister, because she own this jacket, (which i asked her to buy, for this purpose :))) she didn't even know i borrowed it. :) Oh, and look at my nails, lovin' the mustard paint, makes me happy. :D

And one more thing, i had a hair-cut and new hair color! *woot*

Watcha think? :) 

PS. CONGRATULATIONS to CAMILLE RIGODON winner of the Katalogue x HappyBoon Giveaway!

Sorry for being so random. :) *yawn* 
I guess, its time to sleep!
I'll make it up tomorrow, see yah! <3

God bless!

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